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NZ Transport Intelligence
Business Alert

is NZ’s best read transport weekly.

Your “best value” source for information on
road transport, shipping, air and rail.

NZ Transport Intelligence Business Week

“In an increasing complex global supply chain,
transport, logistics and infrastructure are becoming
key components of successful business.”

Smart companies today recognise competition is increasingly between supply chains rather than products. This is why the “inside information” in NZ Transport Intelligence Business Alert is so important to your bottom line.

We’ll bring you the latest news from key sectors in the industry throughout New Zealand – and key developments from around the world, which have an impact on your business.

We won’t just tell you what is happening – we’ll also get behind the key stories and explain why – and what the implications are for you.

Each Thursday NZ Transport Intelligence Business Alert comes straight to your desk. It’s written in a concise, sharply focused manner, which is easy to read and saves you valuable time.


Profit and prosper with the news that matters

We will keep you informed about the latest news with inside information and opinion you won’t find anywhere else.

arrow.gif Government Transport Policy We provide insights into the latest policies and legislative changes.

arrow.gif Auckland Congestion The Govt has finally come to the party and promised funding for Auckland’s CBD Rail Loop, but it also says it won’t supply any funding until 2020 – is it too late? Meanwhile motorway construction is taking place at a rapid rate. Keep up to date on ho Auckland’s ever worsening congestion problems are being dealt with by the city and Govt agencies.

shipping2.pngarrow.gif Earthquake disruptions Port of Lyttelton is at loggerheads with its new 100% owner Christchurch City Council over cruise ship facilities. The port also has to deal with ongoing earthquake repairs, a huge reclamation project and decisions over how to deal with the increasing size of container ships, not to mention competition from Timaru which is now owned by Ports of Tauranga.

arrow.gif New Technology The latest from around the world in land, sea and air transport technology developments.

arrow.gif Road Transport The road transport sector is struggling to retain and recruit new drivers. The light and heavy vehicle fleets have different needs and challenges. Find out how the sector is tackling these issues.

arrow.gifaviation sector Fuel price Concern about greenhouse gas emissions is an ongoing problem, and cheaper fuel is drawing attention away from more fuel efficient vehicles. Oil is at its cheapest for years – how long will it stay that way?

arrow.gif Coastal shipping is pushing hard to get greater recognition as an efficient, environmentally friendly means of inter-regional transport. Still, it feels like the forgotten alternative to road transport as far as Government policy goes. Get the news and views of leading players in this often overlooked sector of NZ’s freight transport industry.

rail.pngarrow.gif KiwiRail The Govt has made good progress with putting KiwiRail on track to become self-sustaining though the capital investments required mean the railroad will be in the red for some years to come. Keep track of state-owned company that aims to win a larger share of the national freight task.

arrow.gif Regulatory Changes Keep informed about the latest changes to regulations such as Road User Charges, dangerous goods handling and storage.

arrow.gif Global Freight Transport The latest developments in surface and air freight services to and from NZ.

arrow.gif Training Having skilled staff is vitally important. What is on offer at the country’s leading tertiary institutions in the fields of logistics and supply chain management.

arrow.gif Infrastructure The Government has made the Roads of National Significance a key policy priority. Keep track of the winners and losers as vital road links are improved and some provincial routes remain neglected.

arrow.gif Transport Security With piracy on the rise and terrorist groups planning ever more high-tech attacks, the world is extremely security conscious and this is impacting the global movement of freight. Changes are occurring continuously, affecting the time and cost of moving freight. Get up to date information on these changes and discover what you can do to minimise additional costs and delays.

arrow.gif The green debate The debate about emissions is going to remain part of the political landscape. Bio fuel, alternative energy and energy efficiency are all of crucial importance to the sector. We follow all the latest developments.


Who will benefit from
NZ Transport Intelligence Business Alert?

supply-chain.pngIf your business is involved in the transport or infrastructure sectors, or uses transport in any form – air, sea, land or rail – you will benefit from this specialised inside information.

Manufacturers, exporters, central and local government officials, planners, energy analysts, customs brokers, senior executives, engineers, consultants, contractors and service companies all need analysis and interpretation of transport infrastructure trends.

NZ Transport Intelligence Business Alert is written and edited by The Main Report and Trans Tasman Editors.

The 4-page NewsWeekly focuses very specifically on the situations confronting you every day. Advertising is not accepted. Editors have no allegiance to any political party or other outside lobby groups. Their duty is solely to you.

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